Some past projects I’m truly proud of.

From travel, Eurovision, real estate to errr, dating and Russian Woodpeckers, I have had my fair share of topics to talk about!

Go on, have a laugh, crack out a smile, and be inspired by these wide-ranging articles and features.


DK Eyewitness// Go Here Instead

Rough Guides// Make the Most of Your Time on Earth

News.com.au// Inside the tragic town of Pripyat, which is too unsafe for people to live

News.com.au// What happened when I went on a silent retreat

News.com.au// Australian traveller Julia D’Orazio is tired of the jetsetting life

News.com.au// The eerie ghost towns of Western Australia’s golden past

News.com.au// The aftermath of receiving ‘the worst breakup text ever’

News.com.au// The unflattering picture that got me 30 dates

News.com.au// Women suffers major ghosting experience

News.com.au// Rite of passage every Aussie needs to complete in Europe

New York Post

New York Post// I went to a dating coach to find out what I was doing wrong

New York Post// Bartenders know a lot about your Tinder date

New York Post// I tracked down three men who ghosted me to find out why


BBC//video Eurovision 2019: ‘Boring’ winner…? ‘Incredible atmosphere’?


Body+Soul// ‘I went on set with The Bold and The Beautiful – and OMG’

Body+Soul// ‘I went to a body language expert to find out what I was doing wrong on dates’

Body+Soul// ‘How a sugar daddy dating app bolstered my love life’


WHIMN// What is it really like…Microbladding

WHIMN// ‘What really happens at a Sink The Pink party’

WHIMN//‘I got breadcrumbed and didn’t even know it’

WHIMN// ‘I got sent the worst breakup text of all time’

WHIMN//‘My insane $700 second date included a trip to Paris’

WHIMN// How to find lasting love in four simple steps

WHIMN// What your bartender knows about your Tinder date

WHIMN// ‘Why I’m purposely going on bad dates’

WHIMN// ‘Stashing’ is the latest brutal dating trend you are probably falling victim to

WHIMN// ‘I went to a dating coach and this is what happened’

WHIMN// ‘I tracked down three men who ghosted me to find out why they did it’

WHIMN// ‘I made my Tinder date do my household chores and I’m not mad about it’

WHIMN//Channel 10 Studio 10 Discussion video: Daily Dilemma: Who is at fault for ghosting?


WHIMN// Kate Miller Heidke ‘Why Kate Miller-Heidke’s Anthem On Depression Is A Eurovision High Note’

SBS Australia

SBS Australia// What will happen if Australia wins Eurovision

SBS Australia// Australian Embassy showcases love for Jessica

SBS Australia// How the Gold Coast Plans to Host Eurovision: Australia Decides

SBS Australia// How the Eurovision decider changes Australia’s history with the song contest

SBS Australia// ‘How my love for the song contest made me create the world’s biggest Eurovision blog’

SBS Australia// Why is Australia even in the Eurovision Song Contest?

SBS Australia// What’s it like to attend Eurovision

SBS Australia// Oliebollen: The history of the doughy, Dutch Christmas treat

SBS Australia// How we celebrate Christmas the Lebanese way

SBS Australia// Panettone is Italy’s much-loved Christmas cake that keeps on giving

SBS Australia// My nonna’s lasagne is a labour of love

SBS Australia// Can’t choose between pancakes or crepes? Try these Estonian blini

SBS Australia// How angel wing pastries helped this Polish-Australian to dance

SBS Australia// An 80-year-old meatball recipe that’s changed Perth’s sandwich game

SBS Australia// Meet the DJ turned banh mi king rocking Perth

SBS Australia// My Italian family’s sausage-making day is what keeps our heritage alive

SBS Australia// Best of the wurst: A brief guide to German snags

SBS Australia// The neighbourhood kitchen that delivers plenty of soul to its community

SBS Australia// Crostoli is a carnival favourite that’s delicious at any time

SBS Australia// Tomatoes ready: What Passata Day means to me

SBS Austalia// Welsh cakes: Not cakes nor biscuits, but staple

SBS Australia// The simple life of rich carbonara

SBS Australia// Land of grissini: Piedmont culinary tales

SBS Australia// Eurovision food contest: Stars share their country’s favourite bites

SBS Australia// ‘Doraz Shiraz’: How an Italian family makes wine at home

SBS Australia// How this Italian Australian became Western Australia’s ‘spud king’

SBS Australia// Yerba maté: The South American tea that divides a continent

SBS Australia// This sandwich is like a map of Portugal

SBS Australia// How this couple conjured impressive queues for their favourite baked goods

SBS Australia// Mabu Mayi: The Indigenous-run community cafe fusing local and Asian flavours

SBS Australia// Donovan MacDonald’s tribute to Texan barbecue

SBS Australia// The making of Perth’s accidental bakery

SBS Australia// Is mortadella following prosciutto’s pursuits?

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia// Perth after dusk: 12 things to do in Perth at night | Virgin Australia


Thrillist// 6 Western Australia Ghost Towns Worth the Spooky-Stopover

Thrillist// An Insider’s Guide to What’s New in Perth

Thrillist// 7 Adrenaline-Charged Adventures in Western Australia

The West Australian

The West Australian// Western Rock Lobster: From sea to plate

The West Australian// Why do we forget names immediately

Perth Now

Perth Now// Bucket List Highway

Perth Now// Listen up! Audiologist’s sound advice for West Aussies

Perth Now// Big City Life: six undeniable benefits to living in the Perth CBD

Perth Now// 10 tell-tale signs of a crazy cat person

Perth Now// 5 Reasons why Taste Great Southern is worth the road trip


wiwibloggs// Wednesday Wishlist: Our dream Eurovision 2019 contestants

wiwibloggs// 10 Reasons why we love Denmark at Eurovision

wiwibloggs// ESC250 2018: Team Wiwi’s picks for this year’s Eurovision top countdown winner

wiwibloggs// Prepare to charge! Netta unleashes her inner rhino in new video for “Bassam Sababa”

wiwibloggs// Jamala hits the dance floor with English-language single “The Great Pretender”

wiwibloggs// Australia: Fans upset as general election clashes with Grand Final

wiwibloggs// Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman: 10 facts about Finland’s Eurovision 2019 act


wiwibloggs//Youtube Joel Creasey & Myf Warhurst INTERVIEW @ Eurovision 2019


wiwibloggs// Eurovision 2019: Tel Aviv Highlights with Team Wiwi


Kidspot.com.au// Mum reveals genius $1 baby toy Kmart hack for occupying bubs when cooking

We Are Explorers

We Are Explorers// 10 Best Spots for Beach Camping in WA 2023

We Are Explorers// Snorkelling Perth: Best 10 Snorkel Spots Worth the Scissor Kicks

We Are Explorers// 8 USA National Parks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

We Are Explorers// 7 Trails That Prove Alaska is a Dream Hiking Destination

We Are Explorers// 8 Lessons I Learnt Solo Travelling Around the Kimberley

We Are Explorers// These Campgrounds Offer the Chance to go Camping With Custodians

Caravan World Magazine

Caravan World// Colour The Coast

Caravan World// Seeing Black, White and Gold

Caravan World// Wild Wild West

Caravan World// Making New Tracks

Caravan World// The Southwest’s Brand New Hue

Caravan World// Secrets of the South West

Caravan World// Feeling the Gold Rush

Caravan World// Woody Island

Caravan World// Amazing Albany

Caravan World// The Town Built by America

Caravan World// Beauty and the Ocean Beasts

Caravan World// The Real Golden Outback

Caravan World// Stopping All Stations

Caravan World// Deep-Sea Discoveries

Caravan World// Blissing Out

Caravan World// A Natural Icon

Caravan World// A Country Man

Caravan World// Kalbarri Calling

Caravan World// Gnaraloo Station

Caravan World// A Sense of Adventure

Caravan World// Travel to El Questro – An Outback Wonderland

Caravan World// One Way Adventure to the Dampier Peninsula

RV Daily

RV Daily// Caravans, campervans and motorhomes: a beginner’s guide

RV Daily// Pender Bay Escape: Could this be WA’s most scenic beach camping spot?

RV Daily// Debunking the El Questro myth: How to enjoy WA’s bucket-list destination on a budget

RV Daily// Seven amazing things to do on your Coral Coast road trip


Travis// Why Newport Beach needs to be on your bucket list stat

Travis// 5 New Boutique Hotels in Sydney You Have To Visit In 2022

Travis// 5 NYC Airbnb’s with Skyline Views under $350

Travis// 5 San Francisco Hotels with a Balcony for that Big City Life

Travis// The Ultimate US Road Trip Guide 2022: Where To Go, Where To Hire, What To Pack

Travis// 4 Top Tips to Travel Safely Post-Pandemic

Travis// Six Top Road Trip Playlists To Keep You Grooving On Your Next Drive

Travis// Traveling Internationally Post-Pandemic – Is It Safe Yet?


RACT// A mile in the shoes of…Hannah Maloney

RACT// Dip into the wilderness

RACT// Places to hibernate

Australia’s Coral Coast

Australia’s Coral Coast// Diving in Exmouth

Australia’s Coral Coast// Discover the Coastal Triangle

Australia’s Coral Coast// ‘I got caught up in a whirlwind manta ray romance’

Channel Nine

Channel Nine// Where to find modern treasures hidden in the world’s oldest Chinatown

Channel Nine// Go underground to Madrid’s luxurious hammams

Channel Nine// Temperatures rising: how to have a hot and cold adventure in Iceland

Channel Nine// Hotel review: Kex Hostel, from biscuit factory to a Reykjavik must stay

Channel Nine// Beyond the red lights: The best of Amsterdam’s pumping party scene

Channel Nine// Hit the streets: A guide to the Netherlands’ uniquely Dutch street food

Channel Nine// Amsterdam’s clean and green vegan eats

Channel Nine// Grab a drink at one of Amsterdam’s painfully cool beach bars

Channel Nine// A guide to Perth’s thriving rooftop bar scene

Channel Nine// Perth: A guide to Australia’s best craft beer scene

Channel Nine//  A guide to the most stunning Perth picnic spots

Channel Nine// Secret passwords for bars, edgy graffiti and a whole new side to Perth’s Northbridge

Channel Nine// Five reasons to visit Europe’s middle earth

Channel Nine// Keep calm and dance on: Manchester’s coolest late-night music venues

Channel Nine// The London locations stealing New York City’s bottomless brunch crown

Channel Nine// Discover London’s happiest hours at its nostalgia-soaked games bars

Channel Nine// Michelin-approved fare on a budget at three of Hong Kong’s best street-food vendors


AWOL// The Best Items For Your Hangover That Only Thailand 7-11’s Stock

AWOL// Why Do New Friendships Become So Intense When They’re Made While Travelling?

AWOL// How To Turn Your Great Barrier Reef Day Trip Into A Weekend Away

AWOL// The best rooftop bars for long summer days

AWOL// A cool kid’s guide to 48 hours in Perth

AWOL// Where to travel in 2018, according to AWOL’s writers

AWOL// A Guide to the weirdest and most wonderful street food in the Philippines

AWOL// Here’s the ultimate doughnut-crawl itinerary through Chicago (Yes, Really)

AWOL// Seattle’s Ultra-Hip Capitol Hill Neighbourhood Is More Like Capital Cool

AWOL// Tel Aviv’s Nightlife Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed

AWOL// Here’s Why You Need To Put Eurovision On Your Bucket List

AWOL// The Things We All Love And Hate About Hostel Travel

Culture Trip

Culture Trip// Explore Tanzania’s ultimate underwater safari on Mafia Island

Culture Trip// Roam Saadani National Park’s spectacular plains and beaches

Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures// There’s more to Porto streetfood than piri-piri

Urban Adventures// A spicy adventure in Zanzibar

Urban Adventures// Sydney’s best Chinatown eats

Urban Adventures// Inner Sydney cool: Sydney’s hidden late-night bars

Urban Adventures// From bean to brew in Tanzania’s coffee fields

Urban Adventures// Beyond the stroopwafel: Where to taste Amsterdam’s multicultural flavours

Urban Adventures// Discover Mauerpark, Berlin’s biggest flea market and best karaoke party

Urban Adventures// What it’s like to visit Kisenyi, the largest slum in Kampala

Urban Adventures// The rebirthing of Brixton

Urban Adventures// Lifting the lid off Hong Kong cuisine

Urban Adventures// Painting a different picture: Discovering Perth’s street art

Urban Adventures// What it’s like to visit a Syrian refugee centre in Istanbul

Urban Adventures// The lunar-like landscape of Cappadocia

Urban Adventures// A foodie’s torturous trip through Madrid

Urban Adventures// Where to find the best tapas (and more!) in Barcelona

Urban Adventures// London’s best alternative markets for amazing street eats

Urban Adventures// Portugal’s sweet sounds of Fado

Urban Adventures// How to have the perfect day in De Pijp, Amsterdam

Urban Adventures// The secret side of Paris you need to know

Urban Adventures// Gracia the great: A guide to the Barcelona barrio

Urban Adventures// The lunar-like landscape of Cappadocia

Urban Adventures// Keep calm and brunch on: The best of London’s brunch hot spots

Urban Adventures// The beginner’s guide to the Athens diet

Urban Adventures// Mixing Melbourne’s booze with history

Urban Adventures// A foodie’s guide to the flavours of Stone Town

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel// Island hopping in Hong Kong: Exploring Lantau

Intrepid Travel// Rotterdam cheat sheet: 4 must-see’s in Europe’s coolest port town

Intrepid Travel// Perfect Palawan: Our guide to the Philippines’ most beautiful island

Intrepid Travel// Mi Gusto: A guide to Barcelona’s La Boqueria

Intrepid Travel// Germany’s grunge capital: Why Leipzig is the new Berlin

Jetstar Asia

Jetstar Asia// 24 Hours in Rottnest Island

Jetstar Asia// 5 of the best Bangkok street markets

Lost in Fremantle

Lost in Fremantle// What’s its like to stay overnight at Fremantle Prison

Lost in Fremantle// Discovering Fremantle by bike

Australia’s North West

Australia’s North West// Detour to Derby: What makes Derby a hidden gem

Shire of Carnarvon

Shire of Carnarvon// 48 hours in Carnarvon

Shire of Carnarvon// 3 of Carnarvon’s top beach camping spots

Elite Daily

Elite Daily// 5 Signs that your potential romance is starting to fizzle out

A Girl In Progress

A Girl In Progress// Should You Seek Couples Therapy Early In A New Relationship?


Escape.com.au// Why Kiev, Ukraine is Europe’s next cool spot

Explore// Life on a dude ranch

Diveplanit// What is it really like to swim with a Potato Cod or 3?

Real Estate

Domain// How Perth is luring young professionals to its shores

Domain// Investors from interstate, overseas swoop on weak Perth property market

Domain// The Facebook page that encourages you to buy nothing

Australian Financial Review// How I furnished my entire investment apartment for less than $1000

So Perth (with REIWA)// Life’s Better With Coffee: Perth’s Top 10 Cafe Strips

So Perth (with REIWA)// First Home Hotspots: 2020 Best Suburbs To Buy Your First Home In Perth

Realestate.com.au// Striking internet-famous home returns to market

So Perth

So Perth// The WA Waterfall That Human Treasure David Attenborough Finds Most Unusual

So Perth// Exmouth Navy Pier: Ningaloo’s World Famous Dive Spot You Need To Flash Your Passport

So Perth// 11 Wonders Of WA You Must Experience

So Perth// WA’s Top Eco-Friendly Glamping Spots To Make Your Wilderness Stay Extra Luxe

So Perth// WA’s Top Wine Regions That Aren’t Margaret River

So Perth// 11 Margaret River Secrets No One Wants To Tell You About

So Perth// Perth’s Best Instagram Locations: The Definitive List

So Perth// Mandurah restaurants: Eat your way through the Peel region

So Perth// Rottnest Island: More than just quokka selfies

So Perth// Penguin Paradise: Tasmania’s Private Island Escape

So Perth// How To Keep Your Cool at Tasmania’s Bay of Fires

So Perth// Possum Pals: Where to Make Marsupial Friends at Cradle Mountain

So Perth// Tasmania’s Wild West: Corinna Wilderness Retreat

So Perth// BRB – Just Grilling: Gold Coast’s Clifford’s Grill & Lounge review

So Perth// The Sweet Escape: voco Gold Coast

So Perth// Albany’s Wine Flight Wins Gourmet Traveller Award

So Perth// Is Lombok The New Bali?

So Perth// QT Perth Makes For One Sophisticated Stay

So Perth// Field of Light: Albany is Set to Turn Off the Lights

So Perth// Gascoyne Food Festival: 11 Delicious Reasons Why You Should Road Trip North

So Perth// 5 Reasons Why You Need To Rethink & Revisit Mandurah

So Perth// 6 Reasons Why Mandurah Is A Winter Wonderland

So Perth// Summer Guide To Australia’s South West

So Perth// The Coast With The Most: Beach Better In Rockingham

So Perth// What Makes Rockingham A Top Family Getaway Destination

So Perth// Rottnest Island Diving: A Guide To The Island’s Secret Caves & Caverns

So Perth// RedSands Campers A Perfect Intro To Vanlife Only Better

So Where Next

So Where Next// How To Indulge In South Lombok Without The Luxury Price Tag

So Where Next// Is Gili Trawangan Bali’s Rottnest?

So Where Next// 13 Top Instagram Feeds To Get You Excited To Travel Western Australia

So Where Next// What It Is Like To Swim With ‘Shark Whisperer’ Ocean Ramsey – And 42 Wild Sharks

So Where Next// Is Lady Elliot Island The Great Barrier Reef’s Snorkelling Dreamland?

So Where Next// Moonlit Mantas – Swimming With Manta Rays At Night In Hawaii

So Where Next// Hawaii’s Big Island Itinerary You Need For An Epic Getaway

So Where Next// 10 Things I Miss About Living In London

So Where Next// 38 Things Aussies In London Miss About Australia

So Where Next// Why This Surry Hills Hotel Is A Chic Art Lovers Retreat

So Where Next// ‘I Went On A Swim With Humpback Whales In Ningaloo Reef And Whoa, It’s Epic’

So Where Next// 6 Spooky Places Around The World To Give You Spine-Tingling Chills

So Where Next// Go Top To Tail With WA’s Hop On/Hop Off Bus Service You Didn’t Know Existed

So Where Next// 6 Reasons Why Broome’s Other Famous Beach Is Worth A Visit

So Where Next// 9 Things To Do In Broome That Does Not Involve Hopping On A Camel

So Where Next// The Perth Hotel Oozing Great Gatsby Vibes

Guest blogging features

Yoga Wine Travel// A first-timer’s guide to attending a silent yoga retreat

Travelettes// 9 ways parents can support their kids’ decision to travel solo