Quality content reigns supreme ♛

No one wants to read a yawn fest or be bombarded with unnecessary tidbits because really, is that the most effective way to make a good impression?

Get the people talking.

Ensure your content or copy is concise and aligned with your brand’s voice, purpose and most importantly: your why.

Keep your messaging crisp and fresh – you know, the same way you like your clean bedroom sheets. And most importantly, have a good brilliant story to tell!

So, how do you get your brand’s story across?

Duh, through killer content.

Your content needs to connect with people. It needs to inspire, educate and entertain to spring people into action people quicker than a steadfast superhero.

You can create content that is multi-purpose and can be delivered in a variety of ways: blogs, social media, articles, newsletters, Tinder bios (no judgement!)….  

Together we can develop a grand plan, a strategy and most importantly, put the right words together to get your message out.

After all, quality content is king queen.

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Here is a list of services I offer to bring your genius ideas to life:

Print and Digital Copywriting

Allow your content to shine brighter than a disco ball. I can assist with creating SEO-friendly web copy, blogs, articles, social media posts, newsletters and more.

Content Strategy

Let’s open up a drag queen's wardrobe of fabulous ideas together. I can help generate concepts to develop your content strategy for various projects.

Social Media Management

Confused about which emoji to use? Not sure about trending hashtags? I can assist with curating your posts and engaging your audience with content and imagery.

Destination Marketing

Let’s get the word out about the epic experience you offer! I have collaborated with various airlines, tour operators, hotels, restaurants and tourism boards around the world to help spread the news. Let’s discuss how we can market your destination to attract those who live to Carpe Diem.

Event Management

Be a rebel with a cause: let’s get that event off the ground and running faster than Usain Bolt. I can assist with your next event whether it’s supporting a foundation that you hold dear or bringing like-minded people together to celebrate your brand.

Public Speaking

This girl is not shy or reserved, that’s for sure! My vocal chops and presentation skills can be utilised at your next event. I have previously spoken at fundraisers “1000 Women, 1000 Futures”, “Supper for Syria” and various B2B corporate events in Perth. I also organised and spoke at the fundraising event with Intrepid Travel “Women’s empowerment through tourism social enterprise” in London.

Fabulous Brands That I Have Worked With

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Some Of My Happy Clients

  • Julia, she’s great with words and a fountain of clever ideas to solve the curliest of briefs. Despite our tendency to tangent with pop culture memes, her communication and professional approach is a cut above the rest. Proactive and easy to work with, I can trust Julia to understand a brief and deliver the goods every time.

    Nahum Hendricks, Content Director, Seven West Media

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Julia over the past few years in my role as a commissioning editor with News Corp. Her passion and enthusiasm are unrivalled, and I’ve had the joy of watching several of her stories achieve viral status. Julia is easy to work with, reliable and a lot of fun – but don’t take my word for it, google some of her stories for yourself!

    Bek Day, Former Commissioning Editor, News Corp

  • Julia has been a huge asset to Urban Adventures’ content marketing and brand-building efforts, by writing articles for us, leading social media takeovers on our accounts, and organising events and fundraisers to support us in responsible tourism.

    Tammy Burns, Global Marketing Manager, Urban Adventures

  • Julia is a true stand-out gem in the overcrowded world of travel writing. Unique story ideas, executed with care and written as if you’re truly there with her. Seriously, if anyone’s going to find a secret treasure in a well-worn destination, it is Julia. Best of all, she always delivers to deadline.

    Amy Nelmes Bissett, Former Nine Travel Editor & Founder of Coasties Magazine

  • We have collaborated with Julia to share her secret spots to readers and her expertise and approachable voice have made her a go-to reference. Her enthusiasm to delve deeper and take adventures with us through famils and travel missions has allowed us to expand audiences to a fresh approach to people and places in the South West. Julia is always prompt, professional and adds her unique zest for life experiences that makes her writing so compelling.

    Tonia Home, Marketing Manager, Australia’s South West

  • Julia was a pleasure to work with and always presented a high-quality end product that resonated with our audience. She really got to know the business and adapted to our tone of voice. She was always suggesting new ideas and approaches – and was a real asset to have in our extended team! 

    Michael Abson, Digital Marketing Manager, Morgan Lovell

  • Julia is very professional, definitely reliable, an enthusiastic creative writer and her suggestions are a valid contribution in terms of innovation to any company. The passion Julia shows in her tasks is something I won’t forget, thank you!

    Gabriele Manzoni, Former Marketing Manager, Coastal Aviation Tanzania

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